Hekima Raymond has supported different charity works. He started with assisting children with Mental Celebral palsy of Mtoni through his classical music concert. Through his Classical music passion he has assisted different environmental groups by raising funds for tree planting in Sumbawanga, Kibaha, Morogoro and Kilimanjaro through the National Environment Management Council of Tanzania.

He has recently worked with Nkwamira Sustainable LifeTrust (Nkwamira) and with various private enterprises, financial institutions, private companies, and government institutions, NGOs, development partners and other individual well-wishers to raise funds for the “ONE BOOK ONE CHILD ” project which aims to increase access to secondary and primary schools text books for vulnerable students in Temeke District primary and secondary schools. He has for years supported in performing in Musical evenings “Soirree Musicale” at Elacajan Production house in support of the AIDS orphanage and education projects in Ilembula, Iringa Region.